Dr. Maurice Roussety, Franchising in the Modern World

Dr. Maurice Roussety, Franchising in the Modern World

As the business world gets larger and larger, in many ways it is also shrinking. Recent advances in science and technology, mainly the ways in which we communicate—the internet, smart phones, etc.—have broadened the potential for businesses to conduct operations on much larger scales. However, at the same time this globalization and “flattening” of the world’s economy has made the international business sphere seem smaller and more competitive than ever before. Globalization, more than any other recent development in our world’s economy, has had significant impacts on all areas of life. In business, it means that fewer and fewer individuals are using the traditional methods of establishing their own companies. Start ups, although trendy in the last decade or so—particularly in the tech industry—are already becoming a thing of the past. They simply cannot compete in a market that is full of new and innovative business. Rather, strategies from the past are reemerging with newfound energy and success.

Dr. Maurice Antoine Roussety (on Vimeo) is an expert in the areas of globalization, franchising, marketing, and finance. As a business professional, he has seen the profound impacts that globalization and the technology boom have had on society and much of his research has focused on bringing to light the positive (and negative) impacts that he has noticed. He began studying business at Monash University where he majored in Economics and Accounting. He next pursued his Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Leadership from the University of New England in New South Wales. Finally, he received a Ph.D. in intellectual property and franchise-business valuation from Griffith University in Queensland.

This rigorous academic background has given him a bird’s eye view of the global economy and allowed him to study its development and impact. He has developed what he calls the Franchise Risk Imputation Model (FRIM), which establishes a framework based on two cornerstones: risk free rate and total risk as measured y the sum of market specific and company specific risks. This allows him to measure the potential that a business has in the modern global market.

Dr. Maurice Roussety (on CrowdRise) is using his FRIM model to advise businesses in our current market. According to his research, entering into the world of franchising is a much more stable and valuable option, rather than building a start up, which has been so popular in recent years.

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