Maurice Antoine Roussety Speaks out his Mind on Social Media

The Social Media is Used by Dr. Roussety to Spread his Message

Maurice Roussety Official Account on DailyMotion, speaks about his extraordinary academic career. Dr. Roussety had been an outstanding student since his childhood days. He had secured his graduation in Economics ans Accounting from the Monash University. He had completed his post graduation in Business Administration and in Leadership from the University of New England in New South Whales. He had completed his PhD from the Griffith University.

Maurice Roussety has also consulted with numerous companies like Westpac, Optus, ACCC, IAG, Australia Post and Coles Myer. He is also the Executive Consultant at DST Advisory. He is a lecturer at the Griffith University and he speaks on small business, franchising, entrepreneurship and marketing. Dr. Roussety opines that for newbies in the business world, franchising helps to secure maximum profit and involves minimum risk factors. A franchise is entitled to the resources, manpower, finances and infrastructure of the parent company, and can secure a place for itself. Franchising is highly beneficial because it involves lesser start up costs, lesser recruitment, greater chances to penetrate the market, more promises and a scope to make it to the international market.

Maurice Roussety on SlideShare speaks about the profits made by the franchise market of Australia. In Australia, over a thousand franchise units generate an excess revenue of $144 billion annually and also directly recruit around 460,000 individuals. A franchise can utilize the goodwill of the parent company for its own benefit. Goodwill in the franchise industry can be defined as the good reputation or good name that a company possesses. The goodwill often becomes the decisive factor, while a customer is making his choice, because, with the help of the good will the customer remains assured that he will receive quality service or good quality goods. The franchises also do not need to worry about retaining customers,as they receive the dedicated patrons of their parent company.

Due to globalization, there is a lot of competition in the market. Every single day, more companies are being added and this increases competition. Often, the small scale companies have to compete with their robust peers to secure a place in the market. Each and every company is trying their level best to secure customers and they use the method of providing excellent customer service, to retain customers. A company with a bad customer service, most  likely, will lose out on customers, thereby losing out revenue. Maurice Roussety feels that franchising not only helps to secure a niche in the market, but also brings bountiful returns.

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