Maurice Antoine Roussety, The Security in Franchising

Franchising as the Safest Option to Start a Business

One of the questions wondered by Maurice Roussety, are we defined by our childhoods? Childhood is often the most important years in the life of an individual. It is during this phase that an individual learns to develop his skills and interests, which help him in the future. The childhood years help every person to learn to overcome obstacles and to use these lessons in the future. Childhood often helps to develop the character and thinking pattern of an individual. Dr. Roussety was brought up in a manner, quite different from his peers. As a result of this, his epiphany occurred much earlier and he was able to understand himself much better.

Maurice Roussety is the proud possessor of an undergraduate degree in Economics from Monash University. His post-graduation is in Business Administration and in Leadership from the University of New England. His PhD thesis is from Griffith University and he also delivers lectures at the Griffith University covering topics like Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Franchising. Apart from his glorious academic background, he has also helped many companies with their franchising requirements.

Antoine Maurice Roussety – security and franchising go hand in hand. Franchising according Dr. Roussety is the most secure option for newcomers planning to start a business. Due to the highly saturated market, the small scale companies often have to compete with the large scale ones. The failure of the small scale companies is obvious because they lack the necessary resources, finances, infrastructure and manpower. The large scale companies are entitled to more resources and infrastructure and hence they emerge as clear winners. For franchising, the advantage is that they are under a parent organization. Franchises get access to all the required infrastructure, resources, manpower and finances and are able to secure a place for themselves very easily.

While a startup struggles severely to grab the attention of the customers, the franchises get an easy access to the customer base of their parent organization. The goodwill of the parent company also helps the franchises to ensure a large percentage of customers. Dr. Maurice feels that the franchise system is highly profitable and it involves limited efforts to secure a good market position. He opines that in Australia, $144 billion excess revenue was generated annually. The franchise system directly recruited 460,000 individuals for over a thousand franchise units. Hence, franchising could be a very good option for startups in the world of business.

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