Maurice Roussety, Getting to know the Client

Maurice Roussety, Getting to know the Client

All businesses in some way strive to be personalized, and wish to offer a service that makes the client or consumer special. However, the larger the company, the more difficult this often is. In some fields, businesses choose to work with smaller companies for the very reason that they get a more personal service, and at the same time, one more specific for their needs that can be tailored. In business consultancy this is often the case. A company using a large consultancy firm is unlikely to get the same personalized treatment as say working with a freelance individual. This is why experts like Maurice Roussety have proven so popular, and have been sought after by companies across Australia.

Find out more about his contribution to academia here at Dr. Maurice Roussety Will Soon Release His PhD Thesis on Franchise Systems in Australia. For Maurice Roussety, there are three important things to remember for businesses seeking consultation. They are, that your organization is unique, your needs are specific, your people expect value. Now here’s a challenge for any speaker and presenter! They are things that re often overlooked, and by ignoring them leads to mediocre consultancy services that don’t add value to a business.

Fortunately for Maurice Roussety, not all speakers and presenters tailor their style and content to a businesses’ organization, their needs and their people. Much of Maurice Roussety’s specialties fall under the category within low-cost growth strategies (of which franchising is one) leadership and small business issues. However, he also has a personal story that never fails to inspire an audience, and adds another dimension to his speeches.

Maurice Roussety always enjoys the process of getting to know the client and their audience before accepting a brief… this is an exciting discovery process that ensures an alignment of goals and the delivery of insightful content.  In doing this, he can tailor his programs a little better to help make sure that the content he delivers is relevant, and adds value to all those listening, in turn making more opportunity for growth within the business. If you’d like to find out more about his areas of expertise then visit the following link here to Maurice Roussety (Griffith University, Brisbane) on ResearchGate.

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