Maurice Roussety, Rethinking Franchises in the Australian Business Environment

Franchising The Right Way

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Government policy changes are often enacted in the business sector to hep facilitate business, but also limit the opportunity for exploitative practices. These changes always have an effect on business markets, and so business thinkers and academics are often called upon to weigh up the pros and cons of decisions, and what the likely outcome on the economy and market sectors will be. Dr. Maurice Roussety is one such man who specialises in the area of franchises, and recent changes to the Australian government legislation on this business model inspired him to dedicate this thesis to understanding how these changes would effect modern business.

Government intervention in the Australian franchising sector means that franchisers and franchisees cannot deal with each other free of restrictions. Consequently, these restrictions to freedom of contract provide a catalyst for franchise businesses to become increasingly differentiated from those that operate independenspecializesy creating nonconformity and incongruity in the way they are structured and operated.

Ultimately, the uniqueness of the franchise arrangement and the incompleteness of franchise agreements create a unique bundle of risks that underscores the complexities associated with the valuation of goodwill of franchises at a change of ownership. Despite these complexities, goodwill valuation can become the threshold of many commercial, operational, and legal disputes requiring resolution. An exciting new intellectual property and goodwill valuation methodology has been developed in Maurice Roussety’s Doctoral Thesis by synthesizing agency and finance theories.

In 2015, Maurice Roussety was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) by Griffith University in Queensland, Australia for submitting a seminal thesis in Intellectual Property and Franchise Goodwill Valuation. His thesis titled- An Integrated Economic Model for the Evaluation of Franchise Systems- A Synthesis of Agency and Finance Theories, was supervised by pre-eminent Professors Lorelle Frazer and Evan Douglas.

His work has been cited as a hugely important contribution to pressing business literature on the matter of franchises, and helps business owners in this market understand the changes made by the Australian government in a new light. If you’d like to find out more about his work, and his other areas of business expertise, the visit the page here to Dr. Antoine Maurice Roussety, Experience and Excellence in Sustained Value Growth.

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