Maurice Roussety, Using Community to Kick-start Business

Maurice Roussety, Using Community to Kick-start Business

With the advent of the internet, our world and economy has been blessed with myriad new opportunities for people to flex their creativity, and entrepreneurial nous. It has given us unlimited access to information, education, commerce, and most importantly of all, a connection to nearly everyone on the globe. Everyday people think of new ways in which they can utilize the power of the internet, be it to help people, educate themselves and others, or simply make a living. Crowd-funding and Kick-starter campaigns are one example of how the world of business and commerce has been transformed over the last twenty years, giving people a new platform on which to cultivate their entrepreneurial ideas.

Find out about strategic business consultancy and kick-starting new ideas here with About Antoine Roussety. The idea of crowd-funding has opened a whole new world of opportunity to anyone with great ideas to bring about positive change in the form of commerce or art. T has allowed people to share these ideas, and help get investors on board to make their dreams a reality. In the past, people wanting to start a business would have relied on the whims of banks, and having the right contacts in the industry to help raise start up capital. However, today, we need not such tenuous links. Instead, using he power if the internet and sites like Kickstarter, people have the chance to present their ideas to the world, and ask them to help it take off.

However, it is not always as easy at is sounds. It needs a bit of knowledge about how this crowdfunding industry works to make the most of it. Maurice Roussety is one such business consultant who offers his advice in motivational seminars on how to make the most out of a Kickstarter campaign. The half-day interactive seminar that teaches the necessary skills to build a Lean Canvas. The twelve building blocks of articulating market segments, pain points, market differentiators, market penetrators, market share, revenue targets, risk mitigants and risk signals are carefully examined. Various templates and instruments are provided to assist in the creation of a Lean Canvas. It is ideal for entrepreneurs involved in Start-ups and KickStarter campaign funding. Using his extensive knowledge of the industry, Maurice Roussety relishes the chance to help budding entrepreneurs reach their full potential. To find out more about Kickstarter campaigns, and Maurice Roussety, follow the link in bold here to Dr Maurice Roussety, Strives To Keep Ahead In The Franchising Stakes.

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