Maurice Roussety’s Time of Hardship Only Made Him Ambitious

Maurice Roussety has now become one of the most respected business mentors and consultants in Australia, working with some of the biggest brands: Coles Myers, Australia Post, to Wespac. Maurice Roussety is dedicated into inspiring budding entrepreneurs; the contents of his seminars are of high quality, advising keen businesses tycoons everything they need to know in order to succeed in the world of commerce. However, if we learn more about Antoine Roussety, we discover that life has not been easy for him and he has had to work through some difficult times. Yet, it could be said that without these times of hardship, it would not have led him to where he is today as it certainly gave him one quality: ambition.

Growing in Mauritius without a father, and with a childhood riddled with health issues and illnesses including both Polio and Diptheria, he learnt how to become a fighter and began growing his ambitions for the future. Since his father died when he was three, his mother raised Maurice and his two sisters, with unfortunately not much capital to always support the family as much as she would have liked. Maurice adopted the male role of the family, taking it upon himself to try and look after the family. His protective attitude also led him to become observant of how other families had become wealthy, and he was driven to understand the ways it is possible to make your own money. At a young age Maurice displayed qualities of natural intelligence at school, and leadership with the local football teams which helped with his driven characteristics. Then, aged 13, his mother decided to make the bold move to Australia in search of a better life for her and her family.

Maurice excelled at school despite not knowing a word of English when they relocated; he went on to study Economics and university and has since gained two Master degrees in Business Administration and Leadership, in addition obtaining a PhD in Intellectual Property and Franchise-Business Evaluation. His academic history is certainly impressive, and this has led him to specialize in advising new businesses and the franchises that they dream of setting up. For Dr Maurice Roussety strives to keep ahead in the franchising stakes and has helped many Australian across the country achieve their business goals.

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